Heart Hands


Caleb is a pretty nice guy. He's studying software engineering with a lot of music production mixed in down at Snow College. He likes to write music, create websites (like this one), and he occasionally gets out to go camping or play basketball. He hopes to one day program a new software instrument and to create music with it.


Hannah is a sweetheart! She's always looking out for people in need around her. She's super friendly and loving towards others and she can get shy people talking... i.e Caleb. She loves to draw and she also loves to plant flowers and garden. She loves to bake lots of yummy treats too! She hopes to one day defeat Caleb's metabolism and put some meat on his bones.


Birthday Girl
Caleb wearing Hannah's birthday crown on his Birthday.

How We Met

August, 2019
It was the start of a new semester down at Snow College. I was returning, but for Hannah this was her first semester after coming home from a mission. There were so many new people to meet, and lots of ....

Pumpkin Selfie
Carving a pumpkin on our second date.

First Dates

Fall, 2019
Our first date was near the end of September. I remember going to ask Hannah if she wanted to go see the school play, Pride and Prejudice, with me. I guess she didn't originally figure out I was asking her on ....

Birthday Girl
Easter hunt leads to proposal.


April 12th, 2020
Originally Hannah had set a standard that she wouldn't even consider getting married until she had known someone for a year. As our relationship progressed, however, a year seemed to get further and further away. Then COVID happened. We had to be separated now that ...